SFE – Aplikace

Podrobné informace o jednotlivých aplikacích pro SFE.

Supercritical Fluids Applications

501 Fat from Liquid Milk Products
502 Extraction of PCB from River Sediment
503 Fat Extraction from Chocolate Products
504 Extraction of Oil from Oilseeds
505 Fat from Animal Feed
506 Extraction of Binders from Ceramics and Powder Injection Moldings
507 Extraction of Fat from Meat
508 Extraction of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) from Soil
509 Extraction of PAH from Urban Dust
510 Extraction of PAH from Urban Air Particulates
511 Extraction of PAH from Soil
512 Fat from Infant Formula
513 Fat Extraction from Cocoa Powders
514 Fat Extraction from Chocolate Liquors
515 Fat from Cattle Feed
516 Fat from Poultry Feed
517 Fat from Pig Feed
518 Extraction of Rosehip Seed Oil
519 Extraction Lycopenes from Tomato By-products
520 Extraction of Drugs and Other Chemical Residues from Tissues using SPE Trapping Techniques
521 Extraction of ß-agonists from Bovine Liver Tissue
522 Extraction of Irganox 1076 from Polystyrene
523 Extraction of Antioxidant from High Density Polyethylene
524 Determination of Pesticide Residue in Nonfatty Foods by SFE and GC/MS
525 Extraction of Sulfonamides from Chicken Liver using Supercritical Fluoroform (CHF3)
526 The Mocronization of Drug Particles by the Rapid Expansion of a Supercritical Solution
527 Precipitation of Protein Powders into a Compressed Anti-Solvent
528 Precipitation of Protein Powders by Gas Anti-Solvent (GAS)
529 Drying of Aerogels with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
530 Impregnation of Organometallic into Polyimide Film using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
531 Uniform Dyeing of Polyester with Supercritical CO2
532 Oil Reduction of Whole Pecans by Supercritical Fluid Extraction
533 Selective Extraction of Fatty Acids and Carotenoids from Microalgae
534 Recovery of Nitrosamines from Fransfurters using Supercritical CO2
535 Determination of Steroids in Animal Tissues by Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Inline Trapping