LC webinář – Thinking outside the C18 Box

28. 2. 2018 - 28. 2. 2018

Název webináře: Thinking outside the C18 Box
Datum a čas: středa – 28.2.2018 v 18.00
Přednášející: Mark Powell, Application Engineer, Agilent Technologies, Inc
Jazyk: angličtina


Reversed-phase with a C18 column is the typical first choice for many HPLC analyses. But what if it doesn’t work for your sample? For example: very polar compounds have poor retention with reversed-phase and enantiomers will not separate on a C18.

This talk will review other modes of chromatography, including NEW options available for HILIC and chiral separations. We’ll also look at when normal phase, ion pair, ion exchange, or ion exclusion might be the best choice. Their strengths and weaknesses will be discussed as well as tips for developing methods with these techniques.

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