webinář: Karl Fischer Titrace.

24. 7. 2018 - 24. 7. 2018

Název webináře: Maximizing solubility for your sample.
Datum a čas: úterý – 24.7.2018 v 16.00
Přednášející: Doug Clarck – National Technical Specialist for Hydranal™ Reagents – Americas
Honeywell Research Chemicals
Jazyk: angličtina


You don’t know what to try next when your sample isn’t soluble in the standard media? Hydranal invites you to the first in a series of detailed troubleshooting webinars focused on the most common Karl Fischer issues. Accurate Karl Fischer water determination requires the sample to release its water completely. Not all samples will be soluble in the standard media, hence, to address this issue, we will discuss different options to improve the sample solubility.

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