webinář: Všechno, co byste měli vědět o KF titracích

4. 10. 2018

Název webináře:

Everything You Need to Know About Karl Fischer Titration

Datum a čas: čtvrtek – 4.10.2018 v 11.00
AgnieszkaKAgnieszka Kossakowska
(Hydranal Marketing Specialist, Honeywell Research Chemicals)


Michael Margreth
(Senior Product Specialist Titration, Metrohm International Headquarters, Switzerland)


Jazyk: angličtina


By attending this webinar you will learn…

  • what the correct combinations of instrument types and reagents are for KF titration and what will happen if they are not compatible
  • how to perform titer determinations and system checks with different types of water standards
  • how to calculate sample sizes
  • how to select the optimal temperature for heating the sample in a KF oven
  • how to protect your system against ambient moisture
  • how to properly assemble, disassemble, clean, and store the titration equipment

After viewing this presentation, you will know how to perform accurate Karl Fischer titrations, how to properly use and store your reagents, and how to use and maintain your titration equipment correctly.

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